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A Bicycle that is the correct size for your body and riding style is the first step to enjoying your cycling experience. However, the correct size does not guarantee a proper fit!


THE FIT, is a process of fine tuning your bike to align with your body, riding style and cycling intentions.

Our philosophy, if you are positioned on your bicycle in such a way that considers how your body best function on your bicycle you maximize your enjoyment and minimize/prevent potential discomfort issues.




Bike Fit - $150*

  • Body measurements.

  • Correct frame sizing.

  • Posture correction on the bike.

  • Cleat adjustment.

  • Adjustments to the bike (where necessary).

    • If fine tuning an existing bike, (stem, crank arm, and handlebar recommendations would require a separate individual purchase).

  • Bike CAD drawing of the post-fit set up detailing:

    • Frame size, Stem length and angle recommendations, Saddle (height, angle, and fore/aft position), Crank length, Cleat (alignment, and proper placement of cleat on cycling shoe).

  • Receive $50 store credit for future purchases.​

(*included with all our custom build packages at no additional cost)



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