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Selle Anatomica X Series Saddle "X2"
  • Selle Anatomica X Series Saddle "X2"


    X Series Touring Bike Saddles


    X Series is the do it all touring bike saddle for riders weighing from 120 to 190 pounds.


    What's the difference between the X1 and X2 saddles? It’s all about the frame systems. The X1 is our traditional Series 1 Chromoly frame weighing in at 515 grams. The X2 is our new Series 2 aluminum frame with tubular stainless-steel rails, which brings the weight down to 420 grams.


    X2 touring bike saddles are also fully modular. The rider can service the saddle in the event a part needs to be changed out—eliminating the need to send your saddle in for New Leather or repair. This removes any downtime from the saddle, allowing you to ride more!


    Both the X1 and X2 Series saddles are the most comfortable leather bicycle saddles in the world. The hallmarks of these famously comfortable anatomic bike saddles are its leather that has no break-in period, as well as a patented slot that moves underneath you as you ride.


    • Featured Specs

      • Riding Surface: Full Grain leather top with dual reinforcing laminate layers
      • Frame: Cast aluminum
      • Rails: Stainless steel tubular rails
      • Weight: ~420 grams
      • Weight Limit: 190 pounds

      Anatomical Features and Medical Benefits

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